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If you're in Need of English to Chinese or Chinese to English Translation, You've come to the Right Place!

Legal Document Translation Services

Our company offers a comprehensive suite of translation services with the special needs of customers who work with the Chinese language in mind. We maintain a large body of translators who are experts in the Chinese language and are ready to perform the most complex and challenging translations at a moment's notice. We support our translators with the industry's most knowledgeable and prepared customer service team. We have earned a reputation for our fast and accurate translations, and our unmatched record of success has convinced our customers to return to us time and again.

Our company takes care of its most precious and valuable assets, its employees. We are trying to create a great place, where people are appreciated, where they actually want to work. We provide insurance coverage even to their family members. We organise a formal dinner party for our retirees and give them retirement gifts, picked from, this way we say thanks for their loyalty and commitment.

Full Customer Service, Anytime of Day or Night

China may geographically be on the other side of the world, but in many ways it's never been closer than it is today. Because the pace of global business never stops, neither do we. Our translators are always standing by to render your documents to or from Chinese on any deadline, no matter how short. Other translation firms have been known to turn away customers whose projects are too long, too complex, or whose deadlines are too soon. Not us! We can handle any job because we use only the best Chinese translators, who work around the clock to meet your needs. China may be on the other side of the world, but business needs to get done right now. That's why we are always standing by to turn business challenges into translation solutions.

Industry Expertise in Every Aspect of Business

Fast Chinese Translations employs a translation team that offers far more than just Chinese translations. We also apply our vast industry expertise to every business, industry, and creative translation to give you an edge. Because we only use expert translators who are knowledgeable about the industries whose documents they translate, we can offer better and faster translations that always exceed expectations. Our translators provide powerful intellectual and linguistic support for every Chinese language translation.


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